Ashes of the Singularity Wiki

The following items are not implemented right now:

  • Orbitals. In Starcraft, various units have special abilities that the player is expected to be pretty decent at microing. That’s fine in a game with limited units. In Ashes, units do have special abilities but the player isn’t expected to handle them. Instead, the player has GLOBAL ABILITIES. You build a particular building and you get access to a cool ability that costs radioactives (one of the resources) to use. You want to put up a force field on a particular army? You don’t have to hunt for the right unit, instead you, the player, have that ability. This won’t be in the first early access build. This would be like Starcraft having a beta without special abilities on its units.
  • The Substrate. The other race won’t be in the game until next year. We have the assets (as some of you noticed) but there’s no point putting them in the game until we have a good balance of the PHC (humans).
  • Veterancy. Not sure if that’s a real word. Anyway, your T3s will get experience and gain levels which allows you to give them new passive abilities and make them generally better. We want you to care about the T3s as these dreadnoughts are the heart of your military.
  • Other Worlds. We will only have Terran and Barren worlds in for early access. We will be adding Ice worlds later but they’re not ready yet.
  • Stability. I’m not going to kid you. It’s buggy. Very buggy. I have yet to get through a game without it crashing. Autosave works pretty well so I just load it up and continue from there. But it’ll be a good month before it’s relatively stable IMO.