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Escalation is the third episode of the single player campaign of Ashes.

Background[ | ]

Haalee and her AI progeny flee the Post-Human Coalition, rebuilding their strength for the existential threat that only Haalee has seen hurtling toward the galaxy.

Missions[ | ]

  • Orion's Spur - A Desperate Flight: The Post-Human assassin Neoph pursues Haalee, who must escape to prepare for the real threat looming on the horizon.
  • Betelgeuse - Stealing For The Greater Good: The Post-Human Rygos is fortified here - so fortified that this rich world is the perfect target for a nimble thief.
  • Rosette - Hitting Where It Hurts: The Post-Human Rygos has a massive refining operation that Haalee and her children must cripple before the plan can proceed.
  • Leo - To Kill An Immortal: The Substrate has gained access to the Post-Human Rygos' last world, on which the fledgling AI race plans its first deicide.
  • Lagoan - Backs to the Wall: Six Post-Humans have converged on Haalee's position. The Substrate faces its greatest test to date.
  • Polaris - A Daring Heist: The Post-Human Archimedes is creating experimental new constructs on a hidden research world. Haalee and the Substrate need them for the coming conflict.
  • Alnitak - An Enemy Divided: Post-Human renegades have thrown a wrench into the PHC's pursuit of Haalee and the Substrate.
  • Alnilam - A World Gone Mad: The insanity born of this critical world's unusual energy fields must be braved if Haalee and her Substrate are to prepare for the Nemesis.
  • Altaria - Meeting the Maker: Mac stands alone against Haalee's Substrate. No matter their history, she knows that her creator must be crushed if the galaxy is to survive.