Ashes of the Singularity Wiki

Calling orbital support actions and installing global upgrades to your forces are both accomplished by spending Quanta, which is generated by Quantum Relay (PHC) and Quantum Archive (Substrate) buildings.

  • Each building produces one Quantum per second. Building multiples is generally recommended.
  • Every time you call an orbital or install a global upgrade, that action’s cost increases. Orbitals also have cooldowns

between uses.

  • Orbitals are powerful single-shot actions that have an often-dramatic effect on the battlefield. Additionally, both the

PHC and Substrate have economic orbitals that have subtler but equally important effects.

Support Orbitals[ | ]

  • Sensor Sweep - Focusing orbital assets grants sight over an area for a time.
  • Amplify - An Amplifier has its output further permanently boosted with a quantum link to your Nexus. Note: You

must first build an Amplifier on a controlled Power Generator.

  • Engineer Drop - Calls an emergency Engineer down from low orbit to any location your forces can see.
  • Intensive Care - A swarm of healing drones is fired from a specialized orbital railgun to any site you have direct

vision of.

Offensive Orbitals[ | ]

  • Plasma Storm - A localized storm of destructive plasma is created by creatively warping the ionosphere.
  • Incursion - A small raiding force materializes through an unstable teleport to any location you can see.
  • Orbital Strike - Causes massive destruction in an area by dropping a tungsten rod from orbit.
  • Carving Turret - A horribly powerful Carving Turret is temporarily instantiated at any location you can see.
  • EMP Pulse - Drops all shields in a localized area by detonating a small hydrogen weapon in the upper