Calling orbital support actions and installing global upgrades to your forces are both accomplished by spending Quanta, which is generated by Quantum Relay (PHC) and Quantum Archive (Substrate) buildings.

  • Each building produces one Quantum per second. Building multiples is generally recommended.
  • Every time you call an orbital or install a global upgrade, that action’s cost increases. Orbitals also have cooldowns

between uses.

  • Orbitals are powerful single-shot actions that have an often-dramatic effect on the battlefield. Additionally, both the

PHC and Substrate have economic orbitals that have subtler but equally important effects.

Support Orbitals

  • Sensor Sweep - Focusing orbital assets grants sight over an area for a time.
  • Amplify - An Amplifier has its output further permanently boosted with a quantum link to your Nexus. Note: You

must first build an Amplifier on a controlled Power Generator.

  • Engineer Drop - Calls an emergency Engineer down from low orbit to any location your forces can see.
  • Intensive Care - A swarm of healing drones is fired from a specialized orbital railgun to any site you have direct

vision of.

Offensive Orbitals

  • Plasma Storm - A localized storm of destructive plasma is created by creatively warping the ionosphere.
  • Incursion - A small raiding force materializes through an unstable teleport to any location you can see.
  • Orbital Strike - Causes massive destruction in an area by dropping a tungsten rod from orbit.
  • Carving Turret - A horribly powerful Carving Turret is temporarily instantiated at any location you can see.
  • EMP Pulse - Drops all shields in a localized area by detonating a small hydrogen weapon in the upper


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