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Power Generator
General data
TypeResource building
Hit points100
Sight radius200
Radar radius0
Logistics.png N/AMetal.png 0Radioactives.png 0?
Construction time0

Power Generator is a Neutral resource building in Ashes of the Singularity.


Capturable. Powers this sector.


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Power Generators are key to establishing control of a region and supply lines across the map. In order to receive the resources from a region, the player must control the power generator - the ownership of any nearby deposits are slaved to the building, and will be converted together.

Any ground unit within the vicinity of a neutral of hostile generator will release nanites to gradually convert it to your side, as long as they are not in combat. NB: It is possible to have an engineer simultaneously convert a power generator as it builds, e.g. a nearby extractor. This is particularly useful in the opening moments before neutral defenders spawn.

To increase the income of a region, Amplifiers can be built upon Power Generators. Global abilities can also be used to further boost this income at the cost of IconQuanta.pngQuanta.

PHC-controlled power generator

PHC Amplifier

Boosted PHC Amplifier

Substrate-controlled power generator

Substrate Amplifier

Boosted Substrate Amplifier

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