Ashes of the Singularity Wiki

Calling orbital support actions and installing global upgrades to your forces are both accomplished by spending Quanta, which is generated by Quantum Relay (PHC) and Quantum Archive (Substrate) buildings.

  • Each building produces one Quantum per second. Building multiples is generally recommended.
  • Every time you call an orbital or install a global upgrade, that action’s cost increases. Orbitals also have cooldowns between uses.
  • Orbitals are powerful single-shot actions that have an often-dramatic effect on the battlefield. Additionally, both the PHC and Substrate have economic orbitals that have subtler but equally important effects.

Support Orbitals[ | ]

  • Overcharge - Temporarily boost a single Power Generator or Amplifier's output with a short-lived unstable quantum linkage.
  • Regenerate - Quickly restores shield integrity in a small area via controlled disruption of the magnetosphere.
  • Sensor Drone - Teleports a sensor drone in to scan the target location and provide live intelligence until it is destroyed.
  • Boost - Permanently increase a Power Generator or Amplifier's output via careful modulation of quantum pairs. This can be done three times per region, with diminishing returns.

Offensive Orbitals[ | ]

  • Drone Swarm - Gate an assault drone swarm to any location you can see with medium-range quantumteleportation.
  • Kill - Cause incredible damage to a single Dreadnought by teleporting a swarm of destructive nanites directlyinto its inner systems.
  • Avatar - Summons an armed and battle-ready scout craft from orbit.
  • Detonate - Enormous destructive force in an area is concentrated with a sprinkling of small antimatter charges from orbit.